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IK LAB is an art gallery opened on 20 April 2018 in Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It is located in the middle of a tropical environment,
where living is good, where this building is affected by the past, present and future.
The two architects, Jorge Eduardo Neira Sterkel and Santiago Rumney Guggenheim, collaborated to design and create a work on asymmetry and eclecticism
as well as timelessness. The structure was planted in the middle of Tulum Yeast Forest.
Due to its location, it bears some of the regional tradition in which architects incorporate contemporary nuances.
The Lost Mayan civilization still seems to be a source of influence in the world of art and architecture.

This gigantic hut is four meters above the ground. In total, it rises up to 12 meters in height. The roof even exceeds the shadow of this rain forest

The height inside the ceiling is incredible. Almost got the impression of a masterful monument.
The whole roof is made of wood. Large irregular branches serve as frames in which small parts are fixed to narrow the holes.
As a result, they allow light. The outer walls are thus built for the majority.
Large circular openings maintain eye contact with the forest and reduce the boundary between internal and external.

This is the long hallway or the length of this room is very bright. It is characterized by the presence of strong bejucco
wood (a region-specific creeping plant) that comes asymmetrically smoothed cement lines to create a nuance in general movements.
As for the works of the famous painter Vincent Van Gogh, he has almost the idea of ​​Impressionism.

Actual bodies serve as columns to support the structure inside.

At the bottom we found a corner with a wooden table and a few flat cement foundations.

This spacious room has two levels. Looks like some kind of road leads to a part of the gallery.

Let’s say I think I have a passport, recouvert de bois.

First collection of IK LAB gallery This climb brings us to a large domed circular room. This area looks different from the other.
A certain symmetry reigns there. The ingredients do not overlap. The leveled cement remains on the ground. As for wood, it is used for walls and roofs.


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