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                                                                 Old Lincoln in North Lincolnshire, England Reflecting the architecture of the Church of St. John, England, 
                                                                             Liz West's "Our Color Reflection" is a private pool of over 700 multi-colored spheres. 
The circular mirrors, now built on 20 acres, add color to the 125-year-old building in 21 Visual Arts Center 
colors of yellow, purple, red, blue and 11 other colors to the beams surrounding them. 
İş The work changes constantly depending on what time of day, dedi he told the West Creators Project. 
As the dark progresses, the gallery spotlights reflect the colorful mirrors and send colorful vivid spots 
into the old church building that illuminates the neo-gothic architecture. It is also a reference to stained 
glass as it focuses on the history of the art center as an old place of worship before referring to showcases.
You can capture the multi-colored light refractions of our "Color Reflection" by June 25, 2016. 
(Vıa The Creators Project )








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