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South Korean architect Moon Hoon designed a museum dedicated to Pinocchio, the fictional hero near Seoul.
The most striking part of the museum is the presence of a fountain in the shape of a nose that irrigates the garden on the facade of one of the buildings covered with metal.

Giant Pinocchio toy statues stand out in the interiors and gardens of the Pino Familia museum. The museum, designed for a collector who is a fan of Pinocchio, the character of children’s books whose nose grows when he is not honest, consists of three different buildings covered with metal. The buildings consist of a large grassy area within a small bridge and a miniature train set.

The first building is devoted to the collector’s Pinocchio toys, while the second building shows the other characters of the fairy tale.
The third building has a café, shop and an auditorium. Each building is inspired by the Pinocchio story, named ‘Wave and Whale’,
‘Whale Tale’ and ‘The Nose Fountain’.

The first building tries to tell the story of Pinocchio in terms of space and shape, where the big storm and whale emerged.’ Moon Hoon.


Whale Tale, the second building called the tail-shaped section of the collection of character toys are on display,
while the large part representing the whale’s head in an auditorium used for concerts and film screenings.
“The second structure is completely figurative, resembles a huge and powerful whale, mimar says the architect.

Two ears-like forms come out from the curved edges of the metal-coated building, which is directly opposite the whale-like structure.
On the side of the building is a stainless steel pipe that refers to Pinocchio’s famous nose.

This pipe, called the Nose Fountain, is also designed as a sprinkler that irrigates the garden in front of it.
The balcony on the second floor overlooks the wooded forest and the café in the garden.



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