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Little Tilde hides in the forest and looks through a set of trees. She looks over to the opposite side of the lake
where a viewer can catch a glimpse of her from the other side. As a bonus,
Thomas filled Little Tilde with 28 bird houses so birds can seek shelter in the winter.

Teddy Friendly stands at a water stream extending his hand so he can help people cross.
Teddy is named after a friendly teacher that assisted in building the sculpture.

Hill Top Trine rests on top of a little hill in Hvidovre, Copenhagen.
One can climb into Trine’s hands and look out at the beautiful view

Sleeping Louis is taking a nap on a hill that is covered by trees and surrounded by nature.
This sculpture allows for people to crawl inside and play, or sleep!

Thomas on the Mountain has a good place to hangout on top of a hill.
His legs are long and provide a good place for people to sit and talk about nature.


Here’s a video you can watch to learn more about the Giants…



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