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A Bird’s Nest Tea Garden Perched On A 300-Year-Old Camphor Tree In Japan



Architect Hiroshi Nakamura was intrigued by how some crows used the coat hangers they found as a structural element in their nests. 
With this in mind, a unique opportunity arose when tree house maker Takashi Kobayashi himself contacted an unusual teahouse site: a tree growing dangerously 
on the edge of a 10-meter-high mountain of the 300-year cinnamom camphor tree overlooks the ocean in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. 
Using pallet hangers as a starting point, Bird's Nest designed Atami Tearoom using minimally invasive construction techniques to protect the integrity of the tree.

Ask The hangers are not only long-lasting, but also very elastic, they also make more connections from branches and are therefore easier to assemble, 
belirt he says.The crows, which are divided into natural and artificial, create a functional and comfortable environment. 
Thus, instead of mooring directly to itself, the meadow has become a light pier type structure that works in harmony with the tree branches. From Nakamura's notes on the project: 
For the foundation, scaffold-type foundations were carefully placed between the roots so as not to use concrete and large-scale excavations. 
We blew up the interior like a swallow's nest. The design allows visitors to experience the nesting by lifting the branch off the mountain 
and placing it on the inside walls. The tea room is part of the KAI Atami resort and you can see more images both inside and outside on the Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP website


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