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In Edinburgh, collaborators collaborated with sculptor David Mach on an offer for an event space and marketing package to be built
from a pile of bright red shipping containers. The sculpture building, called Mach1, will be located in an undeveloped part of the Edinburgh Park
business district to showcase Dixon Jones’ master plan on the field. It will be the first building of the British sculptor Mach, which consists of 36 transport containers. He designed the pile of red containers to look like a giant pile of rock, which he remembered as a child from his visits to the coast of Fife.


Edinburgh Park, located west of the city, is a business park in the Scottish capital, 
planned by American architect Richard Meier 20 years ago. 
The southern region is underdeveloped and is now overseen by London studio 
Dixon Jones and developer Parabola.
In addition to the Mach1 marketing package, 43 acres will be home to offices, a public space, 
sports facilities, shops, restaurants and a health center.

Mach 1, a multi-purpose building where development is planned to hold the marketing package,
will include a large gallery-like exhibition space and coffee bar to provide the flexibility to host events of various sizes.
To carry out the marketing function, the building is planned to display a complete site model, detailed building models,
drawings and information screens about the southern phase of the construction of Edinburgh Park itself.


Edinburgh Park is planned to be a 43-acre urban quarter to the west of Edinburgh, which is currently the largest single-site development in the city.
The master project, planned by Dixon Jones, follows the successful collaboration between Parabola and the award-winning Kings Place development
at Kings Cross. Edinburgh Park is currently in the planning stage and Mach 1 itself has recently been made available for planning.
The first stage of development will be high-quality offices, a new public square, sports and entertainment facilities, a health center, shops, bars and restaurants.


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