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Russian artist creates amazingly realistic little animals made entirely of wool


Russian artist Anna Yastrezhembovskaya creates cute animals with hand-woven needles.
The mother of the two began to congratulate her when she came across woolen toys.
From a tiny blurred lash of textile birds to a growing handcrafted toy portfolio, the artist praises many living creatures in nearby forests.
“My first toy wasn’t very nice, but it was fun, Y Yastrezhembovskaya admits. “But I loved the process so much that I kept trying.
In my spare time, I felt happy even at night and became better with every toy I made.
“The talented artist’s insistence paid off for not only perfecting his art but also for his work in Etsy selling felted animals.
Perhaps Yastrezhembovskaya’s most popular wool character is a super-cute bat, a toy originally designed for his daughter.
When people saw online, interest increased and Yastrezhembovskaya resigned very soon.
Orum I’m proud that my bats won the hearts of many people, but the amount of requests I received was horrible, or he explains.
It takes ten days for a felt bat to last for 12 to 14 hours, so it’s no surprise that the artist feels a little overwhelmed because
there is only one female performance. “Of course I will continue to feel as many bats as possible, but I want people to understand
that these toys are all handmade, so it’s quite time-consuming.” Despite this difficulty, Yastrezhembovskaya ensures that every felted animal he creates is perfect.
“Wool is a very gentle and comfortable material for me,” he says. Orum When I separate the fibers from my fingers, mold them with a needle,
I put my soul into every toy. ” Swipe down to see the cute animals of Yastrezhembovskaya and head to the Etsy store to get some for yourself.


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