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The unique carpet designs of the two visionary architects will be presented today on June 28 at the 20th Century and Contemporary Phillips Art Day Sale in London.

Pritzker Award-winning architects Toyo Ito and Rafael Moneo were invited to design silk carpets inspired by the Golden Ratio,

and became an auction house called Phillips and ARTinD (Art in Design). to develop more synergies between art, architecture and design.



Both architects presented their vision of the golden ratio in the form of handmade silk carpets.
he resulting work revealed a wide variety of interpretations of the naturally occurring, but long-studied mathematical proportion,
which for centuries regulated and defined adaptation criteria in art and architecture. Toyo Ito draws inspiration from the natural world,
borrows organic forms, and incorporates them seamlessly into their seamless postmodern approach. This effect forms the basis of the project on which Ito’s unique carpet is based.







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