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Designed by Garret Kane, great assembled figures that look like a boom in the seasons



Assembly artist Garret Kane,

Who is Garret Cane ?

‘ Garret Kane is a mixed media artist based in Brooklyn NY developing the concept of Neo-Naturalism, defined as the distortion and recreation of ‘base nature’ through human technology. A childhood and adolescence spent immersed in his own imagination and drawings, he  graduated from SUNY Albany with a major in communications and minor in fine art.

Shortly after he began a career as an art director in advertising, working his way up to a Creative Director role. Over the course of the next decade he spent every spare second learning both traditional and 3D sculpting techniques until finally he left advertising to pursue sculpture full-time. Since then he’s had several solo exhibitions, installations in New York’s Flatiron building, a residency in Brazil and an upcoming residency in Mexico City.

As a mixed media sculptor, Garret strives to capture the fragility and beauty of human nature. But it is his ethos that in today’s world, drawing attention to a problem is not enough. The art itself should aim to fix it. That’s why 10% of all profits from the sale of work is donated to environmental charities. ‘






In these works, Garret Kane has just introduced this new figurative sculpture series, which depicts broken individuals who seem to merge with the season.
Each piece was originally designed using partially digital sculpture software called Zbrush, and then 3D printed pieces were glued to wood, rocks,
leaves and other materials to reach the final forms seen here. You can see more views on the website. (Via Operating System)…








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