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There are such structures in the world that it is very difficult to believe that they really exist.

An example is WAT SAMPHRAN, a Buddhist temple in Thailand.

  • It has a fantastic look, as if it were a fairy tale. WAT SAMPHRAN temple, located in the SAM PHRAN region of Nakhon Pathom province of Thailand,

40 km from the capital BANKGOK, is a 80m Buddhist temple.

  • It consists of 17 floors. It is not known exactly when and by whom the temple was designed, but according to rumors,
    it emerged at the end of a 7-day fasting and meditation process.  
  • The reason why this building was built within 5 years is 80 m; B.C.
    It represents the number of years that BUDA, the spiritual teacher and founder of Buddhism,
    estimated to live in India between 563 and 483.
  • When you visit here today, you can touch the dragon’s beards and walk up the stairs.








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