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While navigating the waters near Romblon Island in the Philippines, diver Joseph Elayani came across a magnificent sight.
Elayani and fellow divers encountered two female Blanket Octopuses shimmering in the dark water,
their rainbow figures illuminated against the dark and speckled sea.
The animals get their name from the billowing net-like membranes that stretch between a few of their arms.
When threatened, this web is stretched to create a ghostly silhouette to frighten away potential enemies.
The mysterious creatures’ mating habits are just as confounding as their blanket-like attribute.
Males grow to be about an inch long, while females can grow up to six-feet-long and weight up to 40,000 times the size of their partner.
You can view more of Elayani’s dive on his Youtube channel. (via Laughing Squid)


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