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Decor Ideas – Wall Mounted Vases Inspired By The Tiny Gaps In Pavements


Hyunhee Hwang of Extra&ordinary Design has tried to capture her amazement of the strength of nature through the Teumsae vase series.

The Teumsae vases are reminiscent of plants growing through the tiny gaps between pavements and stones,
with the name Teumsae being a Korean word for ‘a little gap between things’.

The series of vases has three designs, the first is ‘Teumsae on wall’, a modular wall mount vase system that can be
mounted at three different points, allowing the user to choose the angle of the vase.

The second design is ‘Teumsae in layers’, that comes with 3 pieces in different sizes and depths,
enabling the user to combine and overlap them to create depth and shadow.

The third design, ‘Teumsae on table’, is a modular table-top vase collection, that comes in a set of three vases of differing heights,
each with a vessel and a lid that acts as a metaphor for the plants breaking through the ground.


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