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Artist Suzanne Moxhay produces photomontage scenes that effortlessly combine both elements of her own photography 
practice and the vast archive of collected images. To create photos taken and collected, 
Moxhay relies on an early 20th-century film technique called matte painting, where background droplets are shown 
on glass panels and integrated into live action sets. Using this method, he creates the illusion that his different 
paintings all have a fused appearance, that he places the illusions first on the glass, 
then redraws the new configuration and finally touches the compositions digitally. Da In my last work, 
I explore the concepts of spatial storage in assemblies made from photographed and painted interior parts, 
M says Moxhay. Mimarlık Architects are obstructed by abnormal elements such as contradictory light sources, 
erroneous perspective, scale contradictions. Light turns shadows in the wrong direction, walls don't meet at corners, 
an area of ​​the image can be seen as a surrounding wall or dark cloudy sky. M Moxhay lives and works in London. 
You can see more from the photomontage scenes on the website. (Via ArtistADay







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