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Pink Balloons in a Courtyard at Hotel Griffy in France, Trying to Capture the Spring Feel of Cherry Blossoms Falling from the Ceiling



This 2015 installation of pink and white balloons in a courtyard at the Hôtel de Griffy in Montpellier, France, tries to capture the feeling of spring 
by mimicking the colors and sensations that fall from the ceiling of the cherry blossoms. The 6-day installation titled "Un dixième Printemps" (Spring 10) 
was created by Margaux Rodot, Benoit Tastet and Mickaël Martin and inspired by Hanami, a Japanese tradition that enjoys the abundance of blooming flowers 
all over the country. End of March and end of May.

The nets passing over the courtyard ceiling effectively contained helium-filled balloons, which slowly filled up each day, and slowly fell into the faces of the grass below.
The sunlight shines pink through the window and into the area that fills the balconies around the closet. Un dixième Printemps was founded for the 10th annual Live Architecture 
Festival and won the 2015 Jury Prize







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