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25 Verde

Bosco Verticale, in Milan, brother, is unstable in Turin and a tree house :: 25 Verde by architect Luciano

The exterior detail of the complex 25 Green

The exterior is recommended as a combination of wood and architecture, thanks to its visible 
Cor-ten structure and wood tile finishes that remind the aesthetics of wooden edges. 
There are many solutions to improve energy efficiency: exterior coating, ventilated walls, 
heat pump, groundwater use and rainwater recovery for irrigation of green spaces.

WHERE: Chiabrera 25 Via, Turin

Casa Y Not really in the city, but in the surroundings, stands Casa Y of the F: L Architetti studio.
An architectural show contemporary that very much resembles the villas of Neutra. Two geometric volumes
perpendicular to each other, a glass binocular overlooking the valley: the materials are concrete, Cor-ten steel,
wood and stone.

An oasis of peace

The number 6
Not only contemporary architecture in Turin, but also an ancient palace: 
this is Palazzo Valperga Galleanidi Canelli di Barbaresco, which during 
the restoration decided to find a name better suited to our era, 
The Number 6.

credit: Piero Ottaviano | The exterior of the complex

Noble residence, built in 1663 and enlarged in 1781, is an excellent example of transforming historical urban,
that the restoration intervention of the architect Luca Petrone of the Building group, together with the Superintendency
of Architectural and Cultural Heritage of Piedmont, has enhanced. In fact, today it is a modern
condominium: around 6,500 square meters are home to 36 apartments and as many underground garages,
a SPA and a gym serving the condominium.

One of the interior apartments, with the kitchen encased in a box of vetro


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