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Animals and Architectural Photography Sliced ​​and Organized in Bizarre Collages by Lola Dupre


 Lola Dupre (previously), a collage artist based in Spain and Scotland, continues to surprise and entertain us with her unusual composite 
images. Instead of combining unique individual collage elements that contrast with each other, Dupre works with repetition and replication
 to create odd-proportioned pets, buildings, and human figures. Dupre stretches and twists familiar ones into surreal images 
by layering or zooming out parts of the same photo in a kind of visual syncopation.

The artist has recently exhibited her work at The Age of Collage 2 at the Feinkunst Krueger in Hamburg, and is currently 
in "Lunacy" at Prescription Art in Brighton, England. Check out tumblr and the originals and prints at the online store.


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