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Material manufacturers produce interesting decoration materials every day and present them to designers and users.
One of these materials, which brings a different perspective to the interior, is 3-dimensional epoxy coatings
that are very easy to apply and use. Moreover, you do not need to use 3D glasses to see these 3D images applied
on epoxy according to your taste. 3-dimensional epoxy coatings used for various decorative purposes in bathrooms and kitchens as flooring or wall covering,
in almost any interior such as hall, doorway, hall and even bedroom, offer design and decoration alternatives much different
from conventional ceramic or parquet materials. . 3-dimensional epoxy coatings, which also have the advantage of being easier to remove than 3-D ceramic and classical-style
ceramic floors, is a material created by combining 3-D high-quality, high-quality printed images with chemical dye-type
materials known as epoxy. It can be applied to almost any surface, such as walls, floors, ceilings and furniture, allowing you to design unusual interior designs.
The visuals to be processed on 3-dimensional epoxy coatings vary according to your imagination and taste.

3D epoxy coatings are a great alternative to unusual interior designs

3D epoxy coatings are a great alternative to unusual interior designs


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